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It is finally here, the new wine vintage 2020

Warm days - cool nights and also rain, this is exactly the combination we had very often this summer, which has an immensely positive influence on the character of this year's wines through their liveliness and very early, expressive drinking soap. Some bottles have already been filled from this year's vintage. An interesting 2020 vintage that is already waiting to be tasted. For the benefit!


Frecher Lois    2020     "der frech, frisch fruchtige"

Chardonnay Ried Altenberg 2020   

Sämling Ried Altenberg 2020        

Sauvignon blanc Ried Saatzen - Mailberg 2020 

Pinot blanc Winzer. Selektion 2020

Blauburger "weißgepresst" 2020


Grape harvest 2020

A few days later than the previous wine years, we started the 2020 harvest, which, due to the reduced number of grapes in spring, resulted in a natural grape selection on the one hand, and very beautiful, ripe and above all grapes with high varietal characteristics on the other, thanks to a balanced summer. The stars are therefore very good for the perfect 2020 vintage. The grape harvest is almost complete, the late-ripe red wine varieties Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot are still collecting the last rays of sunshine, before they are harvested.

Wine competition 2020

At this year's Lower Austrian Wine Awards (5500 wines from Lower Austria) we were able to bring home 5 gold medals with our sustainably produced wines. What a great confirmation that loving craftsmanship also bears fruit, we are really happy!

GOLD    -----  Weinviertel DAC 2019

GOLD    -----  Welschriesling Alte Rebe 2019

GOLD    -----  Muskateller Ried Brombergen 2019

GOLD    -----  Zweigelt "vom kleinen Eichenfass" 2018

GOLD    -----  Monte Christi 2017



sustainable austria

Yes we are! We are now certified as Sustainable Austria and therefore stand for careful, nature-friendly cultivation of the vineyards and we can pass on our nature-loving streak to our customers. Our soils and the vines are one of our greatest treasures, they give the wine a lot of typicality and authenticity and give it the typical characteristics on its journey through to enjoyment in the glass.



Wine Challenge 2020

The largest wine competition with around 12,000 wines submitted from 43 countries took place again this year. We are proud of the outstanding results of this year's vintage.

GOLD    -----  Sankt Laurent Ried Saatzen - Mailberg  2018

Frankfurt International Trophy 2020

Each year, one of the world's most significant and rigorous wine competitions pays only a low single digit percentage of the approximately 1700 wines hired from 26 countries and around 100 growing areas. With three excellent wines this year, we were voted the most awarded winery in Austria and we are particularly pleased to be able to stand in the front row with our variety of wines.

GOLD ----- Chardonnay elegance 2019

GOLD ----- Cabernet Sauvignon Ried Lange Haide 2017

GOLD ----- Zweigelt Rose'2019

The new redwine variety is bottled

After an average of 2 years of aging in small oak barrels and frequent tastings, the barrels were emptied in the past few days and the wines found their way into the bottle. Now a new vintage is just around the corner, which, due to the careful vinification and the slow maturation in the wood, produces red wines whose variety and harmony are hard to beat.

New vintage:

Zweigelt Old Vine 2018

Sankt Laurent Ried Saatzen-Mailberg 2018

Rathay Ried Brombergen 2017

Merlot Ried Junghaid 2017

Zweigelt "from the small oak barrel" 2018

Monte Christi 2017

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