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The time has finally come: curtains rise for the new 2023 vintage!
Fruit and harmony are reflected in the new wines.
White wines with typical varietal styles, a harmonious sugar-acid interplay and a long-lasting finish make the 23er wines unique.


The Pioneers of Rathay


"The idea was ripe when the first Rathay vine seedlings were available in 2005. By crossing Blauburger and Blaufränkisch, we saw great potential to cultivate the grape variety in one of our best locations - The Bromberg.

Although it involved risks and a lot of courage, we planted the first vineyards in Austria with 2,500 vines and the Rathay adventure was born. "The spiciness and black pepper of the Blaufränkisch, as well as the soft forest and blackberry notes on the palate of the Blauburger and the deep dark color of the wine make our Rathay a crowd favorite and has won numerous awards since the first vintages."

Gottfried Wimberger

Under the name "" we taste our remarkable variety of white, red and sparkling wines with homemade delicacies in our breathtaking wine living room every 1st Saturday of the month.

Next wine.opening: 1st of June 2024 - Always from 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m

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